“The word alchemist comes from alchemy, which has origins in the Greek word khemeia, meaning “art of transmuting metals.” Active since ancient times, alchemists could be considered very early chemists because of their work trying to transform base metals into gold.” Vocabulary.com

This may seem like a very bold word that I present as the first description of what I am.

It’s not intended to be clever, arrogant or over-confident, but rather setting an intention that from a personal and professional perspective I help people and situations requiring clarity, structure and a focus on the future.

By utilising a different perspective, reflection and introspection I help people to simplify what might otherwise be chaos. From this approach, be it through mentoring or coaching I help them to gain prosperity and a sustainable future.

Our journey together may begin at Venturity if you have a high growth and young business or Viper Marketing if you have a more established that you are looking to develop, grow or make more profitable. Contact me if you simply want to explore ideas and opportunities.

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