Neither Wolf Nor Dog by Kent Nerburn is a true journey, in all senses of the word, through native American culture, spiritualism and communication.

The story unfolds within a road trip to unforeseen destinations, both obvious and surprising and tells of the building friendship and trust between Nerburn and a wise native American elder and his family and closest friend.

Whilst on the surface this may give the impression of being potentially a little turgid and slow, nothing could be further from the truth. This book is spell-binding.

We are gently and gradually enticed into the web of differences between a misunderstood community and culture and the enemy, the invading European white man.

Unashamedly racist, in the right way, Nerburn tells the story of breakdowns in communication and misunderstandings that happen when cultures with different intentions collide. It’s a fascinating insight into very different lives and philosophies and helps us to question just how we ourselves communicate and judge.

5* Stars

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