What is it like having COVID-19?

What is it like having COVID-19? Well just before Christmas, Sonya and I found out.

In this podcast I share the experience we both had, Sonya tracking 2 days behind my symptoms. We had an interesting mix of symptoms and each day was very different, as we felt the virus seeking out potential weakness around our bodies.

Fortunately we are both fit and healthy and have recovered well with no lasting symptoms or effect. Sadly though my father, from we caught the virus, passed away in his sleep on 30th December.

It’s been quite a journey and whilst I’m not saying you’ll get an experience anything like ours, I think it’s important not to fear the virus and to stay as healthy and well as you can, thinking of others and being sympathetic to the varied opinions and views about how the COVID-19 pandemic is being handled in your country.

Stay Safe and let me know your experience.

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