H2H not B2B or B2C

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Heart to Heart H2H not Business to Business B2B or Business to Consumer B2C could be the next big thing in marketing and there are many reasons why this makes perfect sense. We have used B2B and B2C in our commercial conversations for decades…

Cowspiracy Movie

Cowspiracy movie has taken my thinking and determination to the next level. We cruise along thinking that we are contributing good things to the world, being positive, giving back and acting ethically. The we watch a movie like Cowspiracy…

Feed Your Family And Your Soul

Let's think about how we might feed our family and feed our soul at the same time. Whenever we think of our passions we think about what makes us smile, what gives us a warm feeling deep inside and what we would want to be doing if all else…
How to Change

How to Change - in business and in your personal life

We are constantly looking at how to change. Change is inevitable. As every moment passes, everything changes, and as human beings we are driven to control the change for the better. One of the definitions of insanity is said to be that if…
Neil Wilkins types

Creating a more Mindful Business

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Neil warns about the perils of ignoring the surge of new generation decision makers and consumers. Millennials who are looking for products, services and employers who resonate with their personal values. The old business model and marketing…
People Marketing Mix

Your People Are Your Key Marketing Ingredient In 2018

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People matter. No matter which industry we find ourselves in and whatever products and services we are marketing, the competitor down the road may well have a very similar offer. Differentiation is absolutely essential in this chaotic, noisy…
People Planet Profit

People, Planet, Profit

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There's a new marketing mix in town and it's called People, Planet, Profit. Pay close attention because everything in marketing as we know it, will be changing very soon. The old world definition of marketing as simply satisfying customer expectations…

Marketing and Mindfulness : Documenting the Journey

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This short article is my official beginning of the documenting of the journey of Marketing and Mindfulness. It might sound a bit hippy or you might not understand it at all, but the premise is simple: marketing and commercial decision making…
Personal VisionRichard Berry

Why You Need A Personal Vision

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A personal vision can differentiate you from others, help you to cut through the noise of everyday life, help secure that ideal next role in your career journey and give you purpose and direction, each and every day. I recorded a presentation…