H2H not B2B or B2C

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Heart to Heart H2H not Business to Business B2B or Business to Consumer B2C could be the next big thing in marketing and there are many reasons why this makes perfect sense. We have used B2B and B2C in our commercial conversations for decades…

Customer Satisfaction and the Customer Journey

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In marketing there can often be a wide difference between where we think we are and where the customer says we are. This is why the customer journey, and keeping tabs on how you are delivering value right along the journey, is so crucial when…

Driving Digital Experience - where to start

Driving digital experience and where to start is so much more than the bland descriptions of customer journey or worse still, user experience (UX). User experience as a phrase is so wrong. Our valued and loyal customers and indeed those prospects…

Digital 2018 Live : Episode 9 : Digital Campaigns

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Neil Wilkins explains the three different types of digital media and how to balance them in your digital campaigns for events, new product launches and when you are looking to break into a new marketplace. This is Episode 9 of the Digital…
Achievement of ABM

How To Do ABM Account Based Marketing

I am often asked by clients how to do account based marketing or ABM. The process for ABM is quite simple. It's all about stereotyping for personalisation and rather than stereotyping for generalisation. I was once challenged about the…
How to Change

How to Change - in business and in your personal life

We are constantly looking at how to change. Change is inevitable. As every moment passes, everything changes, and as human beings we are driven to control the change for the better. One of the definitions of insanity is said to be that if…

Digital 2018 Live : Episode 8 : Social Media

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In episode 8 of the Digital 2018 Live series, Neil Wilkins shares some ideas about how to position your social networking in your business for best value. Sometimes it's about being reactive as well as proactive and everyone involved needs guidelines...…
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Creating a more Mindful Business

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Neil warns about the perils of ignoring the surge of new generation decision makers and consumers. Millennials who are looking for products, services and employers who resonate with their personal values. The old business model and marketing…

Digital 2018 Live : Episode 7 : Websites

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In this Episode 7 of the Digital 2018 Live series of Podcasts, Neil Wilkins shares the current best practice in creating website focus and content that not only brings more the right visitors to your website but engages them and takes them on…
Rule of Thirds by Neil WilkinsNeil Wilkins

Rule of Thirds Now On Amazon

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I am delighted to share that my new book Rule of Thirds 'how to create exceptional digital marketing content' is now available in paperback and on Kindle in the Amazon store. This new book will help you to create exceptional content. Not…