Marketing Trends Workshop 2019

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An audio clip from a marketing trends workshop 2019, helping digital marketing and social media planning in the context of movements and opportunities from the market place. Many of the marketing trends we experience either as marketers or…

Macro Patience and Micro Speed

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Gary Vee talks about practicing macro patience (with your strategy) and micro speed (with your day to day activities. Never has this been more important than practicing patience when you feel drawn to monetise your audience by selling your…
Ethical Digital Series 2019

2019 Ethical Digital Series

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I'm delighted to share with you the beginning of the 2019 Ethical Digital Series, in partnership with Sonya Subscribe to be advised of further events This is a series of evening talks and workshops designed for those seeking to awaken…
The Mindful Collective

The Mindful Collective Launch 2019

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 The Mindful Collective is live... with a number of world changer colleagues and partners. This is an amazing opportunity to be part of a ground-breaking new initiative that intends to improve businesses across all sectors and in all countries,…

Digital 2018 Live : Episode 12 : Innovate and Leave a Legacy

Innovate and Leave a Legacy. In the last episode of the series, Neil Wilkins shares the importance of innovation and leaving a legacy in strategic digital marketing and social media planning. The Digital 2018 Live series has covered 12 vital…
digital marketing and social media workshops 2019

Digital Marketing and Social Media Workshops 2019

Digital Marketing & Social Media Workshops 2019 I am delighted to share the agenda for my digital marketing and social media workshops for 2019, which I have just updated with everything new that you need to know, to accelerate your business…

Personalisation and the Customer Journey

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Whilst reviewing a number of early submissions from my students on the CIM Driving Digital Experience module of the Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing, I began thinking about the 10 most important steps that would be required…

Digital 2018 Live : Episode 11 : How to turn information into intelligence

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How to make better decisions in business : In this podcast, Neil Wilkins shares tips and tools for turning information into intelligence to inform better decision making in your business. In this Episode 11 of the 12 episode Digital 2018 Live…

Your Business is PPC

Your business is PPC. But not the PPC you might be thinking... the one called Pay Per Click. PPC, as in Pay Per Click, is an acronym for the process of running digital advertising where you pay for each click through from your ad to a website…