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Market trends and insights, strategic marketing planning, digital marketing, social media, customer persona profiling, customer journey, marketing campaigns, marketing technology, marketing mentoring, team and individual training.

This isn’t just marketing, this is marketing and mindfulness; bringing a wider and deeper perspective to your marketing and communications, within your business and with your customers.

Mindful Marketing is all about making the right kind of profit. Doing business in such a way as to benefit society, community and the planet at the same time as making great profits, reinvested wisely. For more information and to contribute to the ethical business debate, please visit The Mindful Collective.

I also serve all of your marketing planning, digital marketing and campaign needs through Viper Marketing.

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My initial advice for completing marketing assignment is to begin with the theme of your assignment. In other words, what story are you telling to the examiner? This needs to be something your business is facing that you will be using digital to help resolve or deliver. The theme could be based around a market […]

“Everybody wants to be a deejay. Everybody wants to be an emcee. But being speakers are the best. And you don’t have to guess.”  De La Soul The number three and the division of things by thirds, has been at the core of true balance since the beginning of the universe and it is as true today as […]

Join me for two incredible days of exploration, ideas and digital planning as I lead Driving Digital Experience, a brand new strategic digital marketing workshop in Bristol, on the Saturdays, 7th and 21st October 2017. Create a winning digital strategy, drive the digital experience and master all digital channels with the CIM’s brand new Digital […]