Mindful Living

I’m documenting my journey of bringing together mindful living, timefulness and self awareness for the benefit of us all.

Much of my work in this area is in partnership with my wonderful wife Sonya.

We have created Neya, a website where we’ll be sharing with you podcasts, courses, live videos, workshops and retreats. Everything is designed and created to help you to become more self-aware, mindful and focused.

Mindful Living with Life Map by Neya®

I am excited to share with you Life Map by Neya® which is an amazing, guided process, to help you gain a deeper understanding of the real you and then use this to create a satisfying and complete life, that you can live, every day. This is real mindful living.


Playing to Ego in Content Creation

What do people most like to talk about, hear about and focus on? Yes, you guessed it;  Themselves. If we are all truly honest, it's the subject that most interests us. Psychologists, spiritualists and introspective thinkers all agree that…

The Importance of Vision

"Our means of making a clearing through the chaos of events matter as much as, if not more than, the events themselves." Maria Popova There's something really clean, crips and clear about a well crafted vision. A vision is important if you…

The Maldives : Work Life Travel Review

Almost everyone we know from friends to clients, didn't realise we had spent 10 days in The Maldives over the Easter holidays. It wasn't so much that we travelled in stealth or avoided telling people, it was more that we were testing a wonderful…

Not No, Just Not Now

Many years ago, when I was studying for my Psychology degree, I came across a fascinating technique for helping to focus thoughts and the mind. It was called the Black Box technique, created by John Syer and Christopher Connolly in their book…

There's a vacancy in the Team and his name is Neil

"There is simply no place in society for someone who isn’t a team player, or able and willing to re-invent themselves as a gregarious party animal. We simply don’t need them. They are quiet, unassuming and take so long to form opinions…