Mindful Living

I’m documenting my journey of bringing together mindful living, timefulness and self awareness for the benefit of us all.

Much of my work in this area is in partnership with my wonderful wife Sonya.

We have created Neya, a website where we’ll be sharing with you podcasts, courses, live videos, workshops and retreats. Everything is designed and created to help you to become more self-aware, mindful and focused.

Mindful Living with Life Map by Neya®

I am excited to share with you Life Map by Neya® which is an amazing, guided process, to help you gain a deeper understanding of the real you and then use this to create a satisfying and complete life, that you can live, every day. This is real mindful living.

Learning to Love

Learning to Love

Learning to Love : Episode 12 of The Mindful Living Show is an interview with Sabina Rademacher. Sabina helps people to find their own inner power, strength and wisdom by asking questions, such as “Do you long for a real connection with…
simple morning routine

SIMPLE Morning Routine for Health and Wellbeing

Here is a simple morning routine for health and wellbeing. I am not saying this is the only way to begin your day. However, you might find some of the ideas, helpful if you are looking to get out of the bed on the right side, every morning. This…
Kate Strong www.katestrong.coKate Strong

Living an Uncompromised Life

Living an Uncompromised Life - what a title for a conversation with World Champion Triathlete, Kate Strong. Kate has already lived a life beyond everything most people could imagine possible. Today, in this episode of The Mindful Living Show,…

MindHarp Founder Stewart Redpath

In this interview with MindHarp Founder, Stewart Redpath, we explore how music can connect, inspire, and immerse people in new ways of feeling the beauty of sound. Mindharp is an app on iOS
how to build trust in social media

Working From Home Top Tips

Working from Home Top Tips Normal Morning Routine Accept Flexible Working Create Workspaces Chunk Your Time Set Boundaries Working with Children Prioritise Your Priorities Balance Contact And Distance Video Calls …
share your gifts

Share Your Gifts

Share Your Gifts If we all share our special gifts, as a business and personal community we will all benefit from the journey we'll experience over the coming weeks. I have been talking to a number of clients and colleagues.…