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10 Minute Marketing Plan is not something I would normally recommend, but if you are really struggling for time and resources, you can listen to this and find out the two things I’d recommend that you try first…

It is vital to bring your customer journey to life if you are going to inspire, educate and inform and drive sales conversions from your marketing efforts. Your customer journey is the step by step process you map out for your customers’ experience to ensure they go in a suitable and pre-planned direction through all […]

I’m just out of a very useful Tutors’ webinar with Cambridge Marketing College and we were discussing the upcoming Digital Strategy assignments that our students will be tackling. A question that resonated with each of the Tutors was around the subject of Conversion. We debated at length what the term Conversion really means and it […]

Use Your Marketing Mirror I’ve said so many times over the years that to be successful, marketers need to step out of their own shoes and take their customers’ perspective. To be the voice of the customer, a marketer, and in fact a business owner, sales person (anyone in a crucial customer-facing role) needs to […]

Neil and Sonya (Neya) talk about how to create a mastermind group to help you develop personally. This podcast will also help you to develop your business. A concept developed originally by Napoleon Hill and used by countless successful and happy people. Watch the Video of this Podcast at Subscribe to Neil Wilkins Podcast

An audio clip from a marketing trends workshop 2019, helping digital marketing and social media planning in the context of movements and opportunities from the market place. Many of the marketing trends we experience either as marketers or as consumers, are not specific to any sector but apply to us all. We might in this […]