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Digital Advertising in 2020 ~ some observations and an introduction to where to focus and which channels to consider

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everything you perceive is within you

Everything you perceive is within you and this gives you choice. Choice in everything. From the way you live your life to the way you establish and maintain your relationships with others. You have ultimate choice about how you react and experience everything you encounter in your life. When you realise and work with this understanding […]

one reason to click the link

Here is one reason to click the link below… Back to Your Roots ~ introducing Life Map by Neya

How I Define Mindful Living is a really important podcast episode for me because I share how I define mindful living. To me, the phrase is not about empty, positive-thinking, motivational hype that we see and hear so often in so-called personal development events and courses. I believe Mindful living is a strategic and practical […]

As I start the planning for the release of the first Neya Mindful Living online workshop, I thought I’d share how to plan a marketing launch. Using simply a flip chart and sticky notes, I guide you through the example of how to create a launch marketing plan within an hour, capturing everything you need […]

This is a really neat trick and we should all be doing this is we are practicing mindful marketing. Spot an industry trend, think about how it relates to our organisation and then do deep dive research into it so we fully understand why it’s a trend, how it has evolved and what pace and […]

Linkedin organic content in 2020 may be the next big thing in social media. Have you noticed over the last six months that you are becoming deluged by spam inMail and unwelcome sales messages and connection requests each time you log into Linkedin? You are not alone. Linkedin is THE hot spot in social media […]