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Mindful Collective Visualization Tool, a brand new ethics and sustainability online indexing tool is explained by Co-Founder, Neil Wilkins. The Mindful Collective have developed this visualization tool to help businesses begin their journey towards being more ethical and sustainable. As Neil explains, the tool utilises on screen sliders to record perceptions of where a business […]

How to avoid Personal or Self Sabotage is an innate need that affects every one of us. In this webinar, Neil and Sonya Wilkins share techniques and tips for how to identify when and where you self-sabotage. They also help you to understand what you can do about it. Listen to the Podcast Watch Again […]

how to win at content marketing

How to win at content marketing is a valuable hour spent considering the core building blocks to create exceptional marketing content. Learn how to embrace the Rule of Thirds at the same time. Balance paid, owned and earned media in your choice of channels. Consider whether to create, curate or document as you build your […]

language intention setting

When you are intention setting your must first consider your language. People around you, your universe and your mindset are all influenced by your language. You will often hear parents telling their children “do not run”. However the child’s subconscious only hears the word ‘run’ because it focuses on the verb rather than the subtleties […]

The first workshop in The Art of Transformative Living programme starts on 28th and 29th June. Neil and Sonya introduce the programme, what’s involved and share why it’s so important to them personally. Subscribe to the Neil Wilkins Podcast on iTunes and your other favourite podcast services.

how to build trust in social media

How to build trust in social media is the number one consideration when you start out as well as when you are looking to kick on your social networking to the next level. A great podcast on Oprah’s Super Soul channel, by Dr Brene Brown called the Anatomy of Trust shows us just how simple […]