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Digital Advertising in 2020 ~ some observations and an introduction to where to focus and which channels to consider

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Cameron Forsyth has given me this blog idea “How to Prioritise Stakeholders” and I thought it would be useful to share my answer to his question. Who are your stakeholders? They are everyone who has a vested interest in how your organisation performs They have very different perspectives They pull in different directions When you […]

Digital Advertising in 2020 is all about getting best Return on Investment (ROI) from your precious marketing budget. You have a choice when you consider digital advertising because often, with careful planning, you can achieve the same end results by creating or curating organic content. With the proliferation of social media and website advertising opportunities […]

In this latest Neil Wilkins Podcast, Neil shares an experience with a client where he helped them to mindfully prioritise a busy day. Neil guides us through a simple but powerful process, using the criteria, strategic importance and urgency. This process can help you make valuable priority decisions, especially when people are demanding a lot […]

“Everybody wants to be a deejay. Everybody wants to be an emcee. But being speakers are the best. And you don’t have to guess.”  De La Soul The number three and the division of things by thirds, has been at the core of true balance since the beginning of the universe and it is as true today as […]

Join me for two incredible days of exploration, ideas and digital planning as I lead Driving Digital Experience, a brand new strategic digital marketing workshop in Bristol, on the Saturdays, 7th and 21st October 2017. Create a winning digital strategy, drive the digital experience and master all digital channels with the CIM’s brand new Digital […]

As I work with students, clients, companies and individuals in the subject of digital marketing planning, almost every day, it’s time to share a template that I am using which really works. To most people, a digital marketing plan is a rough idea of when it might be best to tweet or it could be […]