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How can marketing support telesales? It’s quite easy, but warming up the customer before the call. Imagine how hard it is for a telesales person to get an appointment with a prospect if it is the very first time they have heard from the company. There is no background, context or trust from the prospect’s […]

The Viral Blueprint by Dave Rotheroe is a short, snappy introduction to exactly what you need to do in today’s chaotic social media space to grab attention and make things happen. I don’t normally endorse publications like this because more often than not they are designed to entice you into some form of marketing scam, […]

I believe that mindful reinvestment in your business is the new CSR. This is a conversation I have just enjoyed with Cambridge Marketing College Founder and Chairman, Charles Nixon. We talked about how a business can best start to think about developing more mindfulness. This might take the form of improved sustainability, a focus on […]

Almost everyone we know from friends to clients, didn’t realise we had spent 10 days in The Maldives over the Easter holidays. It wasn’t so much that we travelled in stealth or avoided telling people, it was more that we were testing a wonderful blend of work, life and travel in one of the world’s […]

Deepak Chopra has recently shared a great visual model that helps us all to focus in on what your core life purpose is, or should be. Often we travel routes without clear destinations, take paths into unknown territory and offer things to the world that don’t perhaps resonate as well as they might with our […]

The essence of contemporary negotiation best practice is to communicate to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. Long gone are the days of trying to outdo the other party. The most effective negotiators always consider reaching a balanced, carefully planned and mutually advantageous end point. Here are some great links that combined, give you everything you […]