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Are you at a Crossroads in your career, relationship or life in general? We have a new online course that should help to bring clarity, self awareness and deep learning…

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Would you like to be interviewed? If you would like to be part of my Neil Wilkins Podcast as I begin a new series of interviews with people who have interesting business, ideas and topics to share, please contact me. This is an open invitation to make the most of what for me, is my […]

Everything we do, see, hear and experience, is controlled by the context of our habits and paradigms. These are the emotional and physical programmes we have created for ourselves from past experiences. Some of these will be serving us well and allowing us to navigate what would otherwise be a very complex world. However, some […]

There are many benefits to focusing on process in marketing. Most people think of marketing as the ‘colouring in department’. If marketing is underplaying its value then that may well be the case. But if it is doing what marketing should be doing, creating great value for the business and stakeholders, then there are benefits […]

I remember back when I first moved out from my parents’ home into an apartment that overlooked the sea. I felt blessed and grateful for such a wonderful view until I realised that each and every day I would be seeing emphasised, the passage of time. As the tide moved in and out it demonstrated […]

Over this summer I will be putting the finishing touches to my next book, written to help you create more effective digital marketing communications. Whilst most commentators on the subject of digital marketing focus solely on the creation of great content, I feel the need to share how vital it is that business owners and […]

For most people, a brand signifies a logo, a name and some nice colours and fonts. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the long list of elements that underpin the most successful brand. Think firstly about the chaos or unrest that might come from change in your organisation. […]