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Market trends and insights, strategic marketing planning, digital marketing, social media, customer persona profiling, customer journey, marketing campaigns, marketing technology, marketing mentoring, team and individual training.

This isn’t just marketing, this is mindful marketing; bringing a wider and deeper perspective to your marketing and communications, within your business and with your customers.

Mindful Marketing is all about making the right kind of profit. Doing business in such a way as to benefit society, community and the planet at the same time as making great profits, reinvested wisely. For more information and to contribute to the ethical business debate, please visit The Mindful Collective.

I serve all of your marketing planning, digital marketing and campaign needs through Viper Marketing.

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instagram 2020

Instagram 2020 Roundtable

Instagram 2020 Roundtable is a recording of a recent discussion between marketers in a range of diverse businesses... in association with @CambridgeMarketingCollege With contributions from Just Eat, Norwich City FC and more, the panel discusses…
Purpose Brings Impact

Purpose Brings Impact

Purpose brings impact, was a key message at today's Sustainability Success Stories event in the Future Economy Network at the CREATE Centre in Bristol. After talks by @PocoTapasBar @ecosurety @water2business @resourcefutures the…
brand mentions review

Brand Mentions Review

Brand Mentions Review - putting social mention into practice If you don't know what’s happening you can’t make good decisions. Despite this, so many digital marketers rely on their own instinct and gut feel for how their marketing and…

Social Media Trends 2020

Social media trends 2020 include the rise of micro-influencers and the importance of ethics and sustainability. Successful marketers this year and beyond will be focusing on more than simply products and services. In this 'fly on the wall'…

HR Consultant for The Mindful Collective

Are you, or do you know, a highly experienced HR Consultant with a passion for sustainability, ethical business and the value of working to a higher purpose? My not-for-profit CIC, The Mindful Collective is searching for HR partners with…

Joint Marketing Training and Planning Workshop

A joint marketing training and planning workshop will enable your team at the same time as creating a marketing strategy. Make great use of your team's time by empowering everyone and creating a marketing plan at the same time. In this…