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Market trends and insights, strategic marketing planning, digital marketing, social media, customer persona profiling, customer journey, marketing campaigns, marketing technology, marketing mentoring, team and individual training.

This isn’t just marketing, this is mindful marketing; bringing a wider and deeper perspective to your marketing and communications, within your business and with your customers.

Mindful Marketing is all about making the right kind of profit. Doing business in such a way as to benefit society, community and the planet at the same time as making great profits, reinvested wisely. For more information and to contribute to the ethical business debate, please visit The Mindful Collective.

I serve all of your marketing planning, digital marketing and campaign needs through Viper Marketing.

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Future Economy Network

Listen to my talk at the Future Economy Network event "The Problem With Growth". In this session I talk about this year as possibly being the tipping point when businesses wake up to the challenges of being sustainable, ethical and yet…

The Power of Linkedin in 2020

There's never been a better time to optimise your Linkedin profile and feed it with current, relevant and informed content. In this video I share some of the current best practice to help you fuel your Linkedin activities. Shared in association…

Social Marketing is not Social Media Marketing

Social marketing is not social media marketing, despite many marketers using the terms interchangeably. For many years, so many people have used the term social marketing to describe how they use social networks for their marketing communications.…
Dave Rotheroe Interview on Neil Wilkins Podcast

Viral by Design Dave Rotheroe Interview

In this podcast episode, I talk to Viral by Design founder, Dave Rotheroe, about scalable marketing, personal branding and digital best practice. The Viral by Design Dave Rotheroe Interview is the first of a series of fascinating interviews…

Lead by Evidence, Lead by Example

We should lead by evidence and lead by example if we want success in 2020. In this webinar recorded for a group of marketers, I talk about the personal development we should focus on. Best results come from developing the right technical…

Would You Like To Be Interviewed?

Would you like to be interviewed? If you would like to be part of my Neil Wilkins Podcast as I begin a new series of interviews with people who have interesting business, ideas and topics to share, please contact me. This is an open invitation…