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Neil Wilkins
Achievement of ABM
Empowering the next generation of marketing

Welcome to Neil Wilkins Online

As the digital era evolves, so do the tools and strategies that drive successful marketing. Dive deep into Marketing Sustainability, AI-powered strategies, and the evolving Metaverse Marketing.

In an age where staying ahead is paramount, Neil Wilkins offers you an edge over your competition. Neil will work with you as a consultant or mentor. Elevate your marketing by booking training, strategic marketing planning guidance, and exclusive one-day virtual training courses.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Neil currently available to support our business?

Yes. Neil currently has some availability to help you plan, train your team and support you through the life of a project, launch or campaign. Use the email button in the header to contact him

We have a goal, but don't know how to begin?

That’s fine. Neil can help you uncover the opportunities that are evading you. With over 35 years experience, he’ll very likely have ideas and strategies you can explore together. Start by sharing your initial thoughts on an email to Neil by following  the link in the header of this page

Does Neil support individuals as well as businesses?

Absolutely. Neil is available for hourly mentoring Zoom sessions to help you solve both professional and personal development challenges in your life and career. Contact Neil using the email button in the header on this page

Upcoming Events

If you are interested in joining Neil's upcoming events, either online or in-person as indicated, please follow the appropriate link to find out more details and to secure your place. Events are hosted by Neil, unless someone else is named.

The Neil Wilkins Podcast