Communicating Sustainability in conversation with Jake Backus

Neil Wilkins is joined in this episode by ex Coca Cola sustainability lead and Head of Sustainability at award winning printer Seacourt, Jake Backus, to discuss communicating sustainability.

Key Moments:

08:00 CSR is boring, use brand voice not PR voice
14:30 What is your right to exist?
20:10 Nobody is listening so we need to anchor in what they are interested in
20:25 Emotions drive change
24:23 Don’t put sustainability first otherwise your product is probably a bit rubbish
34:20 It’s your role to be ahead of your consumers
35:10 If you don’t ship them a solution, you’ve given them a problem
36:45 Most company values aren’t values, they’re performance metrics
40:10 Create value for your client and your client’s clients
51:20 Make a new positive contribution for society and nature and measure it