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Purpose and Sustainability in Marketing

Purpose and Sustainability are the hot topics in marketing in 2021. Purpose now sits at the core of marketing. Purpose is “an organisation’s enduring and meaningful reason to exist, that aligns with long-term financial performance and provides a clear context for daily decision making and unifies and motivates relevant stakeholders.” Edburt, Hurth, Prabu Sustainability becomes […]

Marketing Your Personal Brand Webinar

Marketing Your Personal Brand You have a personal brand, whether you like it or not. In this engaging and action-oriented Marketing Your Personal Brand webinar, I’ll explore how you can take control over how people experience you, in person and online. In this webinar we will explore together: 1. Defining your personal brand 2. Your […]

Upcoming Personal Branding Webinar

On Monday 8 March at 1pm (UK time) I will be presenting a Personal Branding webinar for Cambridge Marketing College as the 3rd of a 4 part series designed to help marketing professionals to develop their careers. The great thing is that this applies not only to marketers but to everyone who is seeking to […]

Big Data Marketing

In this Big Data Marketing webinar, recorded for Cambridge Marketing College, I introduce the concept of big data in marketing and how we can all benefit from planning data into our marketing strategies, tactics and campaigns. I share my simple 6 step process for data planning and gives reasons why visualising data through a platform […]

Behind The Scenes Of A Mindful Business Workshop

In this podcast Neil Wilkins talks with fellow Co-Founder of The Mindful Collective, Joe Pereira, about the key themes and topics they will cover in a mindful business workshop. This is a behind the scenes rehearsal where Neil and Joe discuss many issues and challenges facing businesses seeking to become more sustainable and work to […]

Welcome to 2021

Welcome to 2021 is a short podcast available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Welcome to 2021 after a COVID-Christmas, home and business relocation and family bereavement. What a crazy end to the year it has been. Sonya and I have been quiet over the last month. We took some time out at the end of […]