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Future Economy Network

Listen to my talk at the Future Economy Network event “The Problem With Growth”. In this session I talk about this year as possibly being the tipping point when businesses wake up to the challenges of being sustainable, ethical and yet still profitable. As we see, the Mindful Collective business model gives us an opportunity […]

The Art Of Body Language

The art of body language podcast is an attempt (let’s see if I have achieved it) of conveying the value of closely watching people’s body language (a very visual thing) by way of a very audio-focused medium. So to help things along, here are some visuals that show you what I am talking about in […]

New Decade Fresh Start

New Decade, Fresh Start? It’s the early days of 2020 and you are back to work at the start of the new decade. Does it feel right? Are you where your heart feels like it wants to be? Will you be making a difference? Do you work just for the money and perceived security? Are […]

2020 You

How do you see the 2020 you? As we come to the end of the decade it’s a great time to reflect on recent years and plan where you are going next. With this in mind you could take a full online programme like Life Map by Neya® or perhaps you could begin with the […]

Social Marketing is not Social Media Marketing

Social marketing is not social media marketing, despite many marketers using the terms interchangeably. For many years, so many people have used the term social marketing to describe how they use social networks for their marketing communications. This is incorrect. Social marketing is the use of marketing to influence social 
behaviours, not to benefit the marketer, […]

Viral by Design Dave Rotheroe Interview

In this podcast episode, I talk to Viral by Design founder, Dave Rotheroe, about scalable marketing, personal branding and digital best practice. The Viral by Design Dave Rotheroe Interview is the first of a series of fascinating interviews I’ll be bringing to you through 2020. This is a value-packed episode because Dave shares with us […]


Doing the right thing is always the right thing

Doing the right thing is always the right thing, especially when your decisions are from the heart. In this short podcast I share with you an experience, a simple example, of a random act that could have made a significant difference. We have numerous opportunities every day to demonstrate to ourselves that doing the right […]

Lead by Evidence, Lead by Example

We should lead by evidence and lead by example if we want success in 2020. In this webinar recorded for a group of marketers, I talk about the personal development we should focus on. Best results come from developing the right technical skills and exhibiting the right personal behaviours. I answer questions like “I’m too […]