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Personalisation and the Customer Journey

Whilst reviewing a number of early submissions from my students on the CIM Driving Digital Experience module of the Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing, I began thinking about the 10 most important steps that would be required in practice if a business wished to integrate personalisation in the customer journey and marketing communications […]


How To Create A Content Strategy

How to create a content strategy, is a step by step process that involves really understanding the target audience and then crafting content that matches both their needs as well as those of the business communicating with them. It’s all about synergy and optimising time. By setting out on a plan at the outset you […]


How to make better decisions

How do you make better decisions? The answer is in being mindful. There are no ways to make better decisions, it’s all about the confidence in your initial decision and then the commitment to execute that decision, whatever the costs and whatever the returns. At one end of the decision making spectrum are the growth […]


Your Business is PPC

Your business is PPC. But not the PPC you might be thinking… the one called Pay Per Click. PPC, as in Pay Per Click, is an acronym for the process of running digital advertising where you pay for each click through from your ad to a website landing page or similar destination. But that’s not […]


Brilliant Guerilla Marketing for Orangutans

However you look at it, the Rang-tan Christmas’ TV Advert by Iceland is a wonderful piece of guerrilla marketing on behalf of the orangutan habitats that are being destroyed at an alarming rate in the name of palm oil. Deforestation of vast swathes of Borneo and beyond are wreaking havoc on the surviving numbers of […]

How To Give Authentic Customer Service

How to give authentic customer service should be at the heart of all customer engagement, but in more premium services, is there an even greater expectation that this should happen? The Ivy is one of those aspirational restaurant chains that everyone is encouraged to try, at least once. We all tend to do it, become […]


Personal Branding Podcast – part 1

Personal Branding Podcast is part 1 of a short series of interviews with friends and colleagues who are also on a journey of understanding how their personal brand forms part of the services they offer to customers and clients. If you are the face of your business, run social media activities, or are customer facing, […]