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Take The Stress Out Of A Project

I want to help you to take the stress out of a project you are working on right now. Projects are hard, sometimes very hard. It may be that you are starting your weekend feeling stressed because of a project that isn’t going very well. This is the time to take the stress out of […]

Marketing Project Management

Project management skills are essential in marketing. In this podcast, I share my Project Management 8Ss checklist. I hope this will ensure you catch everything you need to do as you execute an exceptional next project. Scenario – project context and need Stakeholders – direct and indirect stakeholders Strategy – priority and ultimate value Setting […]

Apple Podcasts It Is Time

Apple Podcasts have arrived and it is time to take your audio marketing seriously. Many of us are waking up to our first full day with Mac OS Catalina. So what, you may ask. But if you look at Apple’s focus on what’s new, you’ll see something exciting; Apple Podcasts. Earlier this year I predicted […]

Driving Digital Experience

Driving Digital Experience is an important module in the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing and a topic which can be learned and continuously improved by all marketers. Whether you are marketing for a brand, company, start-up or yourself, you’ll be giving a customer experience. If you wish to drive, proactively, the experience and especially as […]

Life Map by Neya Taster Day

Life Map by Neya will be featured in the Taster Day in association with Bristol Spiritual Collective, in Bristol BS2 on Saturday 16th November. Enjoy an immersive day focusing on YOU, as you experience a range of wonderful treatments, healing and potentially life-changing experiences. I will be introducing the Life Map by Neya framework and […]


At A Crossroads? What To Do

If you are at a crossroads, here’s what you can do about it. Sonya and I discuss how we have observed that many people on, or considering, the Back to Your Roots (introducing Life Map by Neya) online course, are at a career, relationship or life crossroads. Crossroads are both exciting and daunting in equal […]

Mindful Collective Update

Mindful Collective Update ~ Here’s a “fly on the wall” behind the scenes glimpse of today’s workshop with EVF. We spent some time working collaboratively to position Purpose at the heart of the new marketing mix for businesses of the future. In this short video clip I will share with you some of the conversations […]

Why Mindful Business Is So Hard

There may be little harder than running a mindful business. So why is it that creating and developing a mindful business is so hard? One of the reasons is the language that most businesses speak. Depending on the orientation of the business (sales, product, market, etc.) the language and culture of a business will determine […]

Process Improvement and AI

Process improvement and AI came up in a recent discussion with one of my apprentices. I was asked to share my thoughts on how to identify, prioritise and begin to understand what processes a business might focus on improving. The conversation then evolved into how AI might add value to process improvement rather than become […]