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30 Online Tools For Marketers

In this episode I share 30 online tools for marketers. These are tools I use every day to help me be efficient, informed and enjoy my work. You can listen to this webinar as a podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more
ecommerce in marketing sales funnel

Ecommerce in Marketing : How to build a marketing sales funnel

Ecommerce in Marketing is all about how to build a sales funnel that provides a great customer experience and drives incremental revenue. In this recording of a recent webinar, I give you an introduction to building a sales funnel to help…
Twitter in Business in 2020

Twitter for Business in 2020

Twitter for Business in 2020 is an update on what I see as Twitter best practice. This webinar recording shows just how far Twitter has evolved since my earlier version of this webinar in 2010. Those were the days when Justin Bieber had just…

Marketing Pulse 1 Podcast

Marketing Pulse 1 Podcast is my new mini-series of observations of commercial and marketing life post-Covid-19. In this episode I'll focus on Circular Business. Charles Nixon, Chairman of Cambridge Marketing College said,…

Stop Making Assumptions and Start Creating Opportunities

Stop making assumptions and start creating opportunities. I fell into the trap of marketing and publishing podcast content without taking the time to assess my audience and listen to their feedback. Yes I have always responded to messages…
remarketing trick

ReMarketing Trick

Remarketing is a digital marketing technique that enables marketers to increase the conversion rates of potential customers who visit their websites and social media pages but do not purchase on an initial visit. We might consider this a remarketing…
FairShares Commons Business Modell

FairShares Commons Business Model

In conversation with Graham Boyd as we discuss FairShares Commons  Business Model for the new emerging economic paradigm: "If we're going to actually make progress with all of the things that we're working on, and all the superb initiatives…