carbon management

Carbon Management

Neil Wilkins talks to Simon Forsyth from Carbon Lens about how we can begin to understand our carbon impact, quantify it and develop plans to move to and beyond net zero
email marketing 2023

Email Marketing

Neil Wilkins discusses email marketing in 2023 and how you can position email at key points in your customer journey
we are futures

We Are Futures

Neil Wilkins talks to Founder or We Are Futures, Mark Fawcett about his purpose and the importance of working with the emerging generation.
sustainable marketing compass

Sustainable Marketing Compass

Neil Wilkins talks to Sustainable Marketing Compass founders Alexis Eyre and Paul Randle, about vision, the model and redefining marketing
the purpose upgrade
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The Purpose Upgrade

Neil Wilkins interviews author Paul Skinner about his book The Purpose Upgrade and they discuss the importance of collaborative flexibility
social media trends 2023
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Social Media Trends 2023

Neil Wilkins takes us through the key social media trends 2023, including building a community, metaverse social and more
thought leadership and expert marketing

Thought Leadership and Expert Marketing

Neil Wilkins talks to Rin Hamburgh about thought leadership and expert marketing, what it is and how to embed it into marketing plans
discussing marketing sustainability

Discussing Marketing Sustainability

Archie Mills turns the tables on Neil Wilkins and interviews him in this Discussing Marketing Sustainability Q&A
headlines and subject lines

Headlines and Subject Lines

A webinar about headlines and subject lines by marketing consultant Neil Wilkins for Cambridge Marketing College