marketing for the curious
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Marketing for the Curious

Neil Wilkins in conversation with Charles Nixon in a pilot episode of the podcast series Marketing for the Curious
organic Linkedin growth
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Organic Linkedin Growth

Organic Linkedin Growth a webinar for Cambridge Marketing College apprenticeships by Neil Wilkins covering business and personal profiles
reflective journals and portfolios
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Reflective Journals and Portfolios

Neil Wilkins' masterclass about reflective journals and portfolios, for career development, new roles, supporting qualifications
sales and marketing alignment
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Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment can help drive business growth, quality of customer experience and long term sustainability of a business
we are futures

We Are Futures

Neil Wilkins talks to Founder or We Are Futures, Mark Fawcett about his purpose and the importance of working with the emerging generation.
embracing change
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Embracing Change

Neil Wilkins discusses embracing change by developing a change mindset and learning the skills you need to manage change throughout your life
thought leadership and expert marketing

Thought Leadership and Expert Marketing

Neil Wilkins talks to Rin Hamburgh about thought leadership and expert marketing, what it is and how to embed it into marketing plans
love lifelong learning
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Love of Lifelong Learning

Love of lifelong learning is all about embracing continuous improvement techniques, tools and mindset for loving life’s constant teachings

Marketing Planning 2023

Neil Wilkins identifies key macro trends that will directly influence your marketing choices and priorities in marketing planning 2023