communicating sustainability with Jake Backus

Communicating Sustainability with Jake Backus

Neil Wilkins talks Communicating Sustainability with Jake Backus, ex Coca Cola sustainability lead and now at award winning printer Seacourt
The BIG Picture for Marketers
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The BIG Picture for Marketers

Neil Wilkins takes the macro view as he shares and teaches us the big picture for marketers and how to use it in planning and strategy
evaluation using smart KPIs

Evaluation Using SMART KPIs

Neil Wilkins helps us to improve our marketing campaigns, plans and projects, with evaluation using SMART KPIs
the state of sustainability
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The State of Sustainability

Neil Wilkins discusses the state of sustainability at the end of 2022, with Sustainability expert Emma Burlow
how to use humour in marketing

How to Use Humour in Marketing part 1

David McGee explains how to use humour in marketing in this first of a two part series, in conversation with Neil Wilkins

How To Set Up Google Analytics 4

Neil Wilkins talks us through how to set up Google Analytics 4 and shares some of the new features including events and engagements
campaigns and integrated marketing

Campaigns and Integrated Marketing

Neil Wilkins' masterclass on the topic of campaigns and integrated marketing and the value of careful marketing planning for best ROI
sustainability case study

Concrete4Change Sustainability Case Study

Sustainability Case Study ~ Concrete4Change, with Dalraj Nijjar in conversation with Neil Wilkins, discussing entrepreneurship..
researching sustainability

Researching Sustainability

Neil Wilkins discusses researching sustainability with Natacha Wilson, Founder and Director of Cambridge Insights