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Last week Huawei ran an intriguing and highly effective Twitter campaign that serves as a great example of how to use what might otherwise be quite a passive and reactive social media tool.

Over the preceding weeks, Huawei offered up a tweet a day, with a visual countdown towards the big live launch of their new product. Two hashtags were consistently used to build the viral element of the campaign ad to seamlessly link with cover image and branding.

Clicking like of any of these tweets sets up a reminder just before the event and a personal tweet to say the livestream has just begun.

And through we click to the livestream, which as you would expect was a series of live interviews with event delegates, the keynotes from the stage and then a burst of follow-up tweets through the subsequent days with clear calls to action.

The consistent use of #hashtags, branding, integrated messages throughout the teaser campaign and after the event makes this a great example of what most marketers miss. Too often we either run out of momentum, or miss a vital step in the process. This one, with credit to the Huawei marketing team, was seamless, engaging and slick.

How will you plan out your next big announcement and will Twitter have a part to play?

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