From Internal Communication to Employee Communication

I can see clearly that we should move our thinking from internal communication to employee communication. An article by Sociabble talks about the importance of extending how we work with our employees as marketers, irrespective of their role…
marketing apprenticeships

Marketing Apprenticeships

Marketing apprenticeships can benefit employers and marketing professionals alike. A marketing apprenticeship allows an ambitious marketer, if they are a Marketing Executive or Marketing Manager, to balance theory with practice as they study. I…
language intention setting

Language and Intention Setting

When you are intention setting your must first consider your language. People around you, your universe and your mindset are all influenced by your language. You will often hear parents telling their children "do not run". However the…
how to build trust in social media

How to Build Trust in Social Media

How to build trust in social media is the number one consideration when you start out as well as when you are looking to kick on your social networking to the next level. A great podcast on Oprah’s Super Soul channel, by Dr Brene Brown…

It is time to integrate performance marketing philosophy in your business

Here are some notes about the subject of performance marketing, written during a B2B Marketing webinar, well hosted by Joel Harrison. “Performance Marketing is a comprehensive term that refers to online marketing and advertising programs…
How to run an effective marketing campaign

How to run an effective Marketing Campaign

How to run an effective marketing campaign? The answer is based on a simple equation: Creative + Process + ROI and if you miss an element in the equation your marketing campaign is unlikely to be effective
Sustainability Definition

Sustainability Definition

Sustainability is a word that has multiple definitions. In my opinion it's actually a misnomer for the intention behind the word. To sustain something is to maintain it at its current position, situation or physical state. Let's face it..…

Mindful Index Update

The Mindful Collective is gathering momentum and tomorrow we will be attending Green Britain conference to speak with a variety of organisations, campaigners and businesses who are at the forefront of sustainability

Conditional Happiness

Conditional Happiness is a trap into which we all often fall. The definition of conditional happiness is the reliance on external outcomes for the regulation of how we feel. It really doesn't make sense to live a life based on a need for…