resilience in conversation with Kate Strong
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Resilience in conversation with Kate Strong

Neil Wilkins discusses resilience in conversation with Kate Strong, 3 time world record breaker
reflective journals and portfolios
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Reflective Journals and Portfolios

Neil Wilkins' masterclass about reflective journals and portfolios, for career development, new roles, supporting qualifications
developing responsible citizens

Developing Responsible Citizens

Neil Wilkins discusses 24 ways we can become, or help others become, responsible citizens. In association with Cambridge Marketing College.
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Neil Wilkins discussed mindfulness and his mindful living journey, sharing people, teachers and techniques he has encountered so far
embracing dyslexia
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Embracing Dyslexia

Listen to Julian Berridge embracing dyslexia, as he talks to Neil Wilkins about how half of 8 is 3, NASA rocket scientists and more
finding your heart coherence
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Finding Your Heart Coherence

Neil Wilkins talks to holistic coach Virginie Ferguson, about finding your heart coherence, yoga, meditation and holistic wellbeing...
Compassionate Leadership
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Compassionate Leadership

Neil Wilkins talks to L&D Specialist and Leadership expert, James Hudson about how behaving with compassion can improve your leadership skills.
Decisions through love not fear
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Decisions Through Love Not Fear

Neil Wilkins and Sabina Rademacher discuss how we can make more mindful decisions through love not fear and reduce the fear of failure...
personal ethics and responsibility
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Personal Ethics and Responsibility

Neil Wilkins discusses the importance of personal ethics and responsibility in establishing yourself as a true professional in your work and career development.