linkedin tips 2022

Linkedin Tips 2022

Top Linkedin Tips 2022 with Neil Wilkins, who guides us to improve our personal profiles and business pages
essential marketing tools 2022

Essential Marketing Tools 2022

Neil Wilkins shares his Essential Marketing Tools 2022, including platforms, apps and software that supports his busy marketing lifestyle
CIM Sustainability Summit 2022

My Thoughts From CIM Sustainability Summit 2022

Neil Wilkins shares his thoughts and observations of the key marketing challenges, issues and opportunities from the CIM Sustainability Summit 2022.
instagram 2020

Instagram 2020 Roundtable

Instagram 2020 Roundtable is a recording of a recent discussion between marketers in a range of diverse businesses... in association with @CambridgeMarketingCollege With contributions from Just Eat, Norwich City FC and more, the panel discusses…
brand mentions review

Brand Mentions Review

Brand Mentions Review - putting social mention into practice If you don't know what’s happening you can’t make good decisions. Despite this, so many digital marketers rely on their own instinct and gut feel for how their marketing and…
Hydration Product Review

Hydration Product Review

I would like to share with you a hydration product review. In this video blog, I talk about how important is is to balance the quality and quantity of the water you drink, as you hydrate. I talk about two products which I think you…

The Viral Blueprint by Dave Rotheroe

The Viral Blueprint by Dave Rotheroe is a short, snappy introduction to exactly what you need to do in today's chaotic social media space to grab attention and make things happen. I don't normally endorse publications like this because more…

The Value of Giving Free Samples in Marketing

Mariusz Pionka, Bristol-based Chocolatier at Cocoa Corner Chocolates is a great example of a business person who completely understands the value of giving free samples in their marketing. Venture into Mariusz's store at 190 Gloucester Road…

MBTI Step 2 Case Study

MBTI Step 2 : Get to know me better by listening to my Myers Briggs Type Indicator, step 2 report and interpretation.