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Brand Mentions Review

– putting social mention into practice

If you don’t know what’s happening you can’t make good decisions. Despite this, so many digital marketers rely on their own instinct and gut feel for how their marketing and social media activities are performing.

In this Brand Mentions review, I will talk about doing social right and that to be a great content marketer you really need to know the outcome of everything you publish. It’s vital to have a forensic obsession with how every little piece of content is working for you. How far did it reach, who read it, what did they think and say about it, what then happened and who else was influenced?

We need to know the answers to all of these questions and more. And it’s not just the binary yes/no, black/white, it’s the more subjective sentiment of comments, engagement and sharing that is vitally important and a deep understanding of which, can enable us to make great decisions and to continuously improve.

So where can we begin to understand how our digital words, images, videos and podcasts are performing?

I use a small number of insight platforms to keep a close watch on how things are going in my blogging, podcasting and social networking. One that had served me for a number of years to give me a feel for the sentiment of how my content was performing was Social Mention. However, over the last year or so, this platform has become flaky at best and not available at worst. Time to find a new one.

Coincidently, or we might call it serendipity, I receive an email from Brand Mentions, sharing that they had seen I had blogged about Social Mention (clearly a direct competitor) and asking if I might consider their service, seeing that I could no longer use the one that had become familiar yet unavailable. Timing is everything and so yes, I would certainly be interested to find a reliable (and much more feature-rich) alternative.

So how am I finding Brand Mentions? Well early testing of the features is impressive and I have already quickly uncovered otherwise unknown comments, threads and a great recommendation from PlayerFM who had unbeknown to me, included my podcast in their list of 2020 best digital strategy channels. 

Uncovering this kind of granular reporting is so helpful in planning both digital strategy and content itself. I can only give Brand Mentions 5 stars for how they found me, identified I would need their services and then made it very easy for me to join. This in itself, is true digital analysis in action.

Here are some useful articles Brand Mentions publish to help our thinking:

the dashboard, top influencers and reports

smart alerts

sentiment analysis

real-time monitoring

quality filter

the importance of brand monitoring

I am interested to know how you find Brand Mentions?

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