developing responsible citizens

Developing Responsible Citizens

Neil Wilkins discusses 24 ways we can become, or help others become, responsible citizens. In association with Cambridge Marketing College.
mindfulness in music

Mindfulness in Music

Neil Wilkins and musician Adrian Freedman discuss mindfulness in music and how to use the silence between sounds
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Neil Wilkins discussed mindfulness and his mindful living journey, sharing people, teachers and techniques he has encountered so far
the state of sustainability
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The State of Sustainability

Neil Wilkins discusses the state of sustainability at the end of 2022, with Sustainability expert Emma Burlow
embracing dyslexia
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Embracing Dyslexia

Listen to Julian Berridge embracing dyslexia, as he talks to Neil Wilkins about how half of 8 is 3, NASA rocket scientists and more
women entrepreneurship and menopause
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Women Entrepreneurship and Menopause

Neil Wilkins in conversation with Alison Theaker about women entrepreneurship and menopause
finding your heart coherence
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Finding Your Heart Coherence

Neil Wilkins talks to holistic coach Virginie Ferguson, about finding your heart coherence, yoga, meditation and holistic wellbeing...
exploring quantum energy
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Exploring Quantum Energy

Neil and Sonya Wilkins discuss quantum energy and healing practices that are relevant in these turbulent times.
crisis handling

Crisis Handling

Neil Wilkins takes us through techniques and tips for handling crisis, in both personal and professional life.