looking at the world in a different way

Viewing the World in a Different Way

Neil Wilkins in conversation with Gary Shearer in The Neil Wilkins Podcast episode, entitled "Looking at the World in a Different Way".
resilience in conversation with Kate Strong
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Resilience in conversation with Kate Strong

Neil Wilkins discusses resilience in conversation with Kate Strong, 3 time world record breaker
reflective journals and portfolios
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Reflective Journals and Portfolios

Neil Wilkins' masterclass about reflective journals and portfolios, for career development, new roles, supporting qualifications
embracing change
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Embracing Change

Neil Wilkins discusses embracing change by developing a change mindset and learning the skills you need to manage change throughout your life
the purpose upgrade
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The Purpose Upgrade

Neil Wilkins interviews author Paul Skinner about his book The Purpose Upgrade and they discuss the importance of collaborative flexibility
how to anchor and nourish a vision
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How to Anchor and Nourish a Vision

Neil Wilkins talks to Tom Llewellyn about lucid dreaming, manifestation and how to anchor and nourish a vision
love lifelong learning
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Love of Lifelong Learning

Love of lifelong learning is all about embracing continuous improvement techniques, tools and mindset for loving life’s constant teachings
developing responsible citizens

Developing Responsible Citizens

Neil Wilkins discusses 24 ways we can become, or help others become, responsible citizens. In association with Cambridge Marketing College.
mindfulness in music

Mindfulness in Music

Neil Wilkins and musician Adrian Freedman discuss mindfulness in music and how to use the silence between sounds