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As part of an upcoming talk I will be giving on the value of effective collaboration in commercial team development and successful project management I’ve created a visual that describes the four stages and the three steps within each, that help you to implement the idea.

The collaboration model begins with exploration of the idea or challenge, development of truly innovative options and then engagement with everyone who may add value to delivering the outcome.

The second stage is about formalising the agreement between all parties, filtering out less relevant or useful ideas and people and then plotting a clear timeline with accountable owners for delivering each action and key performance indicators.

The third stage is about open, honest and transparent communication through the delivery phase. This openness and true collaboration to unblock the bottlenecks and keep the process or project flowing, allows for ongoing analysis and evaluation both of progress and of continuous improvements.

The final stage and one most often overlooked, is creating the legacy of the project or campaign. Everyone involved should be counselled and an open, critical evaluation and reporting, will produce a legacy template that can then be shared between all stakeholders and repeated in the future as and when appropriate.

The key to unlocking the potential of the collaboration model is a focus by everyone involved on maintaining an honest and authentic mindset and communicating in a timely and transparent manner. This needs to be as important a focus of the collective as the outcomes of the project itself.

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