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How do you make better decisions? The answer is in being mindful.

There are no ways to make better decisions, it’s all about the confidence in your initial decision and then the commitment to execute that decision, whatever the costs and whatever the returns.

At one end of the decision making spectrum are the growth hackers. Growth hacking is a relatively new business practice that involves a process of rapid experimentation and the use of quick decisions based on minimal evidence or knowledge. The results are not statistically better or worse than a more considered decision, but they may offer up more interesting new prospects and innovations.

As we say, if you continue to do the same thing you should expect to get the same results. So it follows that if you migrate towards the end of the decision making spectrum that is all about deciding based on minimal information you will need to accept that part of the results will be the inherent learning and self development you will experience. This in itself can lead to enlightenment and a new starting position for the next decision to be made.

At the other end of the spectrum is the procrastinator. If you aren’t one, then you probably know one. The procrastinator is the decision maker who intentionally waits, reactively for the optimum amount of evidence and decision making ammunition before committing. I am not here to say that procrastination is the wrong way to make decisions, after all if your decision is a potentially life-changing or high financial commitment of a decision then you may need to sit on the details until you have built enough confidence to commit.

The trick is mindfulness. You can make great decisions at either end, or in the middle of the spectrum, as long as you make your decision mindfully, understanding the impact and consequences of the style with which you decide.

And of course, different personality preferences naturally migrate towards different perspectives for making decisions. You might be a reflector, taking your time, and yet enjoy growth hacking. You might prefer spontaneity and yet procrastinate over certain types of decisions for fear of getting them wrong.

So there are no right or wrong decisions, there are simply outcomes and consequences from what you decide. Stay mindful, aware and willing to learn from the results and in no time, you’ll be confidently making decisions in a way that resonates with yourself.

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