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“Celebrate the 6 new followers you just gained rather than beating yourself up over the 6 million you have yet to attract” << watch video

Too many people are swept along by the media and celebrity culture hype that implies you are a failure if you don’t have a few million subscribers or followers. This is simply not true.

Each and every one of your followers is there because you provided value to them and you should celebrate this fact. You can use their engagement to help understand what you should be doing more of and what you should strip out of your digital marketing mix.

If you are early into your digital journey then the if you are really and truly grateful and celebrate the 6, you will likely stimulate their advocacy and they’ll share with their family, friends and peers. If the average number of Facebook friends per person is estimated at 155 (according to some sources), then you do the maths and even this is great coverage…

Macro patience and micro speed… celebrate the 6.

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