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I am often asked the best way to plan how to run an effective marketing campaign.

The answer is based on a simple equation: Creative + Process + ROI and if you miss an element in the equation your marketing campaign is unlikely to be effective.

Creative – Ensure you appeal to the head and the heart of your target customer. You need to gain their awareness, the grab their attention, make an impact, then stimulate them to take action.

Process – From their initial point of awareness, such as seeing an ad or reading a blog or social media post, you must give them a click-by-click or step-by-step journey to where you want to take them. The end point may be signing a contract, giving you their credit card details, or whatever you decide is the conversion point. Automate what you can in this process, but ensure you make the critical touch points in the journey, appropriate and engaging. Personalise wherever you can and make the customer feel valued. After all you are seeking to gain their faith and trust.

Return on Investment – Your marketing campaign is only as good as the value it creates for your customer AND for your business. So make sure you can measure every step in the process. You can then make incremental improvements at every stage to become more and more efficient and avoid bottlenecks. Ensure that your marketing campaign is bringing short term returns, at the same time as long-term ‘customer lifetime value’.

By following this simple mantra, for how to run an effective marketing campaign, you will ensure best returns and value for both your customer and your organisation.

If you would like some help in figuring out your next effective marketing campaign or for help in creating a wider marketing plan… please get in touch for an initial, informal chat.

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