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Digital Advertising in 2020 is all about getting best Return on Investment (ROI) from your precious marketing budget.

You have a choice when you consider digital advertising because often, with careful planning, you can achieve the same end results by creating or curating organic content. With the proliferation of social media and website advertising opportunities there are many options open to you, so some initial, careful thought, goes a long way to ensuring you gain most value from your efforts, spend and time.

The first thing to consider is your strategy. If you are looking to develop your brand position and presence, will advertising serve you well? Perhaps not. Organic content in video, image, audio and the written word, may do this more effectively in the longer term.

The second consideration is where in your customers’ journey will you place your advertising? It’s not just about making noise and getting your message or product out there. Think about whether you are looking to create more awareness, help customers to convert or purchase, perhaps using re-marketing techniques, or maybe it’s about retention and keeping your existing customers engaged.

Your third consideration is how much budget do you have available? How much budget is enough? You can only establish this by testing things out. Begin with a very small test budget, literally a few dollars. Start by using the concept of A/B Testing to see what little tweaks to your adverts create the most positive impacts.

Fourth, be very, very clear about your goal. Are you seeking reach, engagement, conversions or retention? Perhaps you are aiming for something else. Whatever your goal, keep focused on it and don’t fall into the trap of trying to make your digital advertising achieve all of your objectives at once. This is too much of an expectation. It’s all about keeping things really tight and focused, targeted and measurable. Then you can watch what happens, at a granular level and begin to learn where it is you should be scaling up to get your full results.

So then it’s time to begin to select you digital advertising channels. In other words, where should you place your ads first.

Remember, it’s always ‘mobile first’ and you’ll likely get most impact if you focus on where your target audience is already present, active and engaged. Do they respond best to words, images or video? This will help you to prioritise where to begin. In time you can test everywhere, but start where your audience already resides.

Here are some handy guides to setting up your digital advertising campaigns and these should get you started for great online advertising campaigns in 2020 and beyond.

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Re-marketing –

Instagram Advertising –

Linkedin Business Ads –

Twitter Advertising –

So in summary:

How to create a digital advertising campaign in 2020

  1. Decide if you are focusing on strategic brand building or tactical sales
  2. Where are you placing your online advertising in your customer journey
  3. What is your target ROI and what budget do you have for your desired outcome
  4. Decide on your KPIs: reach, engagement, conversion or retention
  5. Prioritise which digital advertising channels you will try first
  6. Measure everything and compare the results with your organic content

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