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Cameron Forsyth has given me this blog idea “How to Prioritise Stakeholders” and I thought it would be useful to share my answer to his question.

Who are your stakeholders?

They are everyone who has a vested interest in how your organisation performs

They have very different perspectives

They pull in different directions

When you create a marketing plan you must consider them all

They each speak a different language

They each define ROI and value differently

Start with your strategic marketing objectives

Which stakeholders align most closely with your marketing goals?

If you could only serve value to one stakeholder this year who would it be?

Then considering the rest, ask the same question?

And ask the same question again?

That’s your initial priority list

Now consider the difficulty of serving their expectations with the value you will gain

Does the priority list still stack up or could you get easier value from serving a different one?

That’s your final priority list

Remember, they all speak a different language so speak to them in terms of what they understand, through media they prefer and at a frequency that resonates.

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