Marketing Planning 2023

“If you thought planning marketing, events, product launches, campaigns and digital is the same every year, you couldn’t be more wrong. Marketing Plans in 2023 have more opportunity to gain growth, engagement and successful outcomes than ever before, but risk being out of touch at the same time.”

“Let’s identify key macro trends that will directly influence your marketing choices and priorities next year and help you remove the blinkers that your competitors may still be wearing. Next year is not going to be ‘business as usual’.”

Key Macro Trends

Political – international conflict, tensions, import/export tariffs

Economic – austerity and recession, cost of living, consumer confidence

Social – diversity, micro-influencers, hybrid working, consumer buying patterns

Technological – metaverse, big data, 5G internet of things (IoT), voice search

Legal – greenwashing, 1st party cookies, freedom of speech

Environmental – carbon literacy, stakeholder expectations