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Looking at the World in a Different Way

Neil Wilkins in conversation with Gary Shearer in this pilot episode of an upcoming series of podcasts on The Neil Wilkins Podcast, entitled “Looking at the World in a Different Way”.

Topics in the Looking at the World in a Different Way series will include:

1. Our World is in Chaos – the macro view
2. Beyond Self-Centred – bad politics and business
3. Shifting Consciousness – how and why we respond and behave
4. Beyond ESGs – responding in touch with local reality
5. Changing Paradigms – changing narratives through the words we use
6. Interpreting the Truth – watching and listening beyond our own lenses
7. Proactive Enablements – helping others to help themselves
8. Sustainable Solutions – from inside out, not outside in
9. Beyond Tick Box CSR – product, people, process, profit
10. Conscious Capitalism – authentic stakeholder collaboration What do you think?

Are there any other topics you’d like included? Let us know.