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History and Future of Marketing, with Neil Wilkins

Neil Wilkins talks about the history and future of marketing, based on his model that uses Kondratiev’s Cycles to showcase how marketing has arrived where it is today.

Neil argues that many of the models and approaches we are currently using are already outdated and that a focus on marketing sustainability and wellbeing, rather than simply encouraging commercial consumption, are the way forward.

Neil invites challenge, comments and collaborative working. Contact him on socials @neilwilkinsx

Here are some obvious challenges to Neil’s model… do you have any more?

“Given the cyclical nature of Kondratiev’s Cycles, what stage do you think we are currently in with respect to marketing trends, and what are some indications of this?”

“You’ve touched upon the concept of marketing sustainability. Could you elaborate on what this entails, and how it differs from traditional marketing strategies?”

“You mentioned that many of our most familiar marketing tools and models are now outdated. Can you elaborate on which specific tools or models you think are now obsolete, and suggest what could replace them?”

“How does the future of marketing, as you see it, align with consumer behavior trends? How can marketers stay ahead of these shifts?”

“You suggest a future where marketing drives value and well-being for all. Can you delve deeper into this concept, explaining what such a future would look like and how we as marketers can work towards it?”

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