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Risk Management in AI Marketing … “Use AI for validation, not creation”

Neil Wilkins interviews Tim Olsen from Emposo on the topic of risk management in AI Marketing.

In the conversation, they explore the following issues and opportunities:

  • What AI risk means.
  • Examples of the potential risks associated with AI and how they could negatively impact businesses and customers.
  • What marketers should know about data privacy and security when using AI-based tools and how can we ensure we are not inadvertently violating any privacy laws.
  • How AI risks may manifest in marketing and some of the potential consequences.
  • How marketers can balance the desire for personalisation and targeting in marketing, which AI can help achieve, against the risks of overstepping boundaries and creating discomfort or distrust among customers.
  • What steps businesses can take to mitigate the risks associated with AI and how can they proactively manage these risks.
  • Practical tips on how to conduct a risk assessment before implementing an AI solution in a business or marketing strategy.
  • How important it is for marketers to have a foundational understanding of how AI works, in order to use it responsibly and manage potential risks.
  • The emerging trends in AI that we should all be aware of and what risks they might pose.
  • How should marketers prepare themselves to navigate this landscape successfully and ethically.

Tim encourages us to explore the following tools: Google Duplex, Pi, Microsoft Co-Pilot and to visit for AI consulting services and to contact Tim.

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