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How to make your CEO stand out on Linkedin, with Julie Livingston

Neil Wilkins talks to Julie Livingston about how to make your CEO stand out on Linkedin.

Many of us are responsible for building the profiles of others, be they clients or colleagues. In this powerful and action-oriented conversation, Julie and Neil discuss many topics from the latest Linkedin trends to building thought leadership through content pillars that support the value you bring to the world.

Julie Livingston is a New York City-based public relations and LinkedIn marketing expert. She specialises in raising the visibility of senior leaders by developing their thought leadership and media placement, as a means of strengthening competitive advantage, increasing stakeholder engagement and retaining talent.

A three time board member of NY Women in Communications, she holds an MS in Communications Management from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications.

What are your tips for helping CEOs stand out on LinkedIn? How can I humanise my LinkedIn? How can companies build trust among key stakeholders? How can companies take control of their brand narrative? What does PR have to do with LinkedIn? How can executives establish their thought leadership? Who are the best brand ambassadors for your company? How can LinkedIn be used to promote one’s thought leadership? These questions and more are answered in this thoughtful episode of the Neil Wilkins Podcast.

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