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Keep Feeding Your Consumers

When you define the word Consumer in a typical dictionary you see it means something like… the purchaser of products and services. This is just part of the equation and savvy marketers, business developers, entrepreneurs and influencers are much more likely to resonate with the science definition: consumer. (kən-s ‘mər) A heterotrophic organism that feeds […]

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Interview with YENA

The following is a transcript and some paraphrasing of my answers to questions I was asked at the great YENA event in Bristol last night. It was a pleasure speaking to so many of you. Thanks for listening. What did you learn from your early career that you now use in your work as a […]

Why I Need A Balanced Scorecard

There are numerous benefits of the balanced scorecard and reasons why you should integrate one with your key performance indicators. Balanced Scorecard is a concept that was created due to a demand for a wider perspective on reporting the performance of an organisation, than simply sales figures. As we know, when the chips are down […]


Evidence-Based Innovation

As markets become ever-more competitive and commoditised, the need to differentiate and innovate increases. We see it across consumer, business and not-for-profit industries where organisations large and small clamour for elusive customer attention. The ‘me too’ approaches to new product and service development result in an obsession with what the competitors are doing and by […]


Guidance For Completing Marketing Assignments

My initial advice for completing marketing assignment is to begin with the theme of your assignment. In other words, what story are you telling to the examiner? This needs to be something your business is facing that you will be using digital to help resolve or deliver. The theme could be based around a market […]

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A Guide To Self Awareness

You’re the best, because you are you. Nobody does it better and so you are already a huge success in life and everything. From the minute you were born, if not before, you began carving a path through this life that is unique, previously uncharted and shaped by your decisions, intuition and your destiny. So, […]

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3 : It’s the Magic Number

“Everybody wants to be a deejay. Everybody wants to be an emcee. But being speakers are the best. And you don’t have to guess.”  De La Soul The number three and the division of things by thirds, has been at the core of true balance since the beginning of the universe and it is as true today as […]