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If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done

If you always do what you’ve always done…  but many of us still expect to get very different outcomes from repeating the same behaviours, communication, marketing and day to day activities. It’s a false logic and there is so much evidence to the old saying that you’ll always get what you’ve always had if you […]


Curate, Create or Document

There are normally 3 ways to publish digital content and these apply to all forms of media including words, images and video. Curate is digital content published by someone else and you repurpose it, retweet it, review it or aggregate it. This is the easiest form of content production because you don’t have to come […]

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Playing to Ego in Content Creation

What do people most like to talk about, hear about and focus on? Yes, you guessed it;  Themselves. If we are all truly honest, it’s the subject that most interests us. Psychologists, spiritualists and introspective thinkers all agree that because the world we experience comes from our own perceptions of what’s around us. It follows […]

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Lunch and Learn

Whether your team needs help in planning, optimising what you do already, or delivering excellence, I have a suite of Lunch & Learn subjects designed to: improve your teamwork, communication and focus align your people, roles and goals, so that your team delivers objectives up-skill in emerging technologies for communication, reporting and business development “Many […]

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Private, Personal, Professional?

It’s often a dilemma when you are social networking: just how much information should you share, when the definition of social media is lead by the word social. If you have your own business or are a consultant then the answer is probably quite easy. You can blur the work/life balance so that existing and […]

When Research Becomes Viral Marketing

Here’s a wonderful example of how to turn a simple research question into a viral marketing campaign. Meet Lyndsie Barrie, Financial Consultant and author of The 39 Money Success Keys. Post images of three possible book covers for her upcoming book into LinkedIn and ask viewers to choose between A, B or C. Genius. Lyndsie […]


The Art and Science of Goal Setting

Here’s a simple model for best practice goal setting that works and helps you to link a stretch goal with some smart action-oriented goals that will help deliver your desired outcome. Scenario – This is the current landscape in which you are operating. Look for trends rather than snapshots and create an understanding of the […]

The Fortune Pyramid : Maslow v2.0

We all know about the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and it has become the standard for understanding the various levels of our existence. With this in mind how about projecting forward with a similar model that helps us balance and understand the appropriate building blocks required to aspire, plan and attain our goals and dreams? […]

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The Importance of Vision

“Our means of making a clearing through the chaos of events matter as much as, if not more than, the events themselves.” Maria Popova There’s something really clean, crips and clear about a well crafted vision. A vision is important if you want to enjoy true purpose, consistent and focused intention and at the same […]