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The Art and Science of Goal Setting

Here’s a simple model for best practice goal setting that works and helps you to link a stretch goal with some smart action-oriented goals that will help deliver your desired outcome. Scenario – This is the current landscape in which you are operating. Look for trends rather than snapshots and create an understanding of the […]

The Fortune Pyramid : Maslow v2.0

We all know about the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and it has become the standard for understanding the various levels of our existence. With this in mind how about projecting forward with a similar model that helps us balance and understand the appropriate building blocks required to aspire, plan and attain our goals and dreams? […]

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The Importance of Vision

“Our means of making a clearing through the chaos of events matter as much as, if not more than, the events themselves.” Maria Popova There’s something really clean, crips and clear about a well crafted vision. A vision is important if you want to enjoy true purpose, consistent and focused intention and at the same […]

Forget Funding; Build a Business

The perfect example of the world gone mad… WHEN will ‘investors’ and everyone in ‘start-up’ world understand that people should be building real businesses, not ‘looking for funding’. We have seen them throughout social media, in crowdfunding sites and all through the digital news. Entrepreneurs who are in fact simply looking for others to fund […]


Choose To Live In The Present

It’s all about choices. You can only think of one thing at a time so make it count… choose positive and choose to live in the present. There can be no stress in the present because it’s neither clouded by the past nor tempered by expectations of the future. It is simply now. If you […]


The Maldives : Work Life Travel Review

Almost everyone we know from friends to clients, didn’t realise we had spent 10 days in The Maldives over the Easter holidays. It wasn’t so much that we travelled in stealth or avoided telling people, it was more that we were testing a wonderful blend of work, life and travel in one of the world’s […]


Finding Your Purpose

Deepak Chopra has recently shared a great visual model that helps us all to focus in on what your core life purpose is, or should be. Often we travel routes without clear destinations, take paths into unknown territory and offer things to the world that don’t perhaps resonate as well as they might with our […]

How To Improve Negotiation Skills

The essence of contemporary negotiation best practice is to communicate to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. Long gone are the days of trying to outdo the other party. The most effective negotiators always consider reaching a balanced, carefully planned and mutually advantageous end point. Here are some great links that combined, give you everything you […]

How Management Really Feels

Ever since we have had businesses with a management and a workforce, we have enjoyed and endured a unique dynamic of varied perception of situations, opportunities and threats. Management and workforce invariably have a different view of the world. The former should view their business and marketplace from a longer term, strategic perspective and the latter, […]