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Internet of Things for Marketers

In writing a little piece of more ‘futuristic’ marketing thinking for my upcoming Digital Marketing book I came to the subject of the Internet of Things and it has me really thinking. Marketers are currently all focused and wrapped up in social networking. They see it as THE key responsibility. How many followers can you […]

Do You Want Milk With That?

“Black Americano, please” is my stock phrase for the early morning pick-me-up as I enter my coffee shop of choice to being the day’s writing, planning or meetings. Now a black Americano, if you didn’t know, is a simple beast. It’s just a single or double espresso shot of coffee, topped up with some hot […]

Great Examples of Remarketing

We have all experienced remarketing, the trick of a company sending us details and promotions of its products and services just after we had a quick look at them online but didn’t purchase. “Remarketing lets you show ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app. When people leave your website without […]

Fans, Footfall and Finance

This last weekend’s launch of Satori Gallery has reminded me that there are always key ingredients in successful marketing campaigns and events. In this case the vital mix is fans, footfall and finance. Let me explain. Satori Gallery is a unique, commission-free gallery concept. An online gallery with pop-up exhibitions representing the true value that […]

Launch of Satori Gallery

This weekend starts the 1 week countdown to the launch of a brand new concept in artist representation; Satori Gallery In partnership with my life partner Sonya I am delighted to be creating and curating a commission-free online gallery that will take new and established creatives in fine art, ceramics, sculpture and photography and showcase […]


How Do You Give ‘That Feeling’?

“that feeling” you get when you see an email from a certain person versus the sinking feeling from another… that’s what you need to stimulate when you are seen in the chaos that is social media You know the feeling. You open up your email software on your computer or smartphone and scan quickly down […]

Reiki Reflection : the journey begins

After a couple of days reflection on my Reiki introduction evening I have decided to journal my journey which will begin in earnest in September. For one evening a week, and certainly lots of reflection, discussion and introspection in between each session, I will log how it feels, the techniques, the thoughts and I’m sure, […]

Take Time Slow : Watch Review

I remember back when I first moved out from my parents’ home into an apartment that overlooked the sea. I felt blessed and grateful for such a wonderful view until I realised that each and every day I would be seeing emphasised, the passage of time. As the tide moved in and out it demonstrated […]

Digital Marketing Communications Plan Framework

Over this summer I will be putting the finishing touches to my next book, written to help you create more effective digital marketing communications. Whilst most commentators on the subject of digital marketing focus solely on the creation of great content, I feel the need to share how vital it is that business owners and […]