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Grease is the word

“It’s got groove, it’s got meaning Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion Grease is the way we are feeling” Frankie Valli was perhaps prophetic in 1978 when he wrote the iconic theme tune to the legendary film Grease. The chorus echoes the sentiments of how we conduct our social networking and […]

You Are Nothing Special : Podcast

You are nothing special at the same time as you are very special. A short podcast inspired by business coach Jon Nicholls, on the subject of being authentic and acting with humility when you are selling your products and services to develop your business. Cutting through the noise and chaos online and in the real […]

PEP Talk 2018 : The Art of Being Busy

Here we go with 2018 and the PEP Talk for kick starting another new year with the art of being busy. At this time of year, many of us indulge in our New Year’s Resolutions; Those once a year bursts of great intention and endeavour that peter out within the next few weeks, as the […]

Digital 2018 Live : Podcast Series

This is a test page for the upcoming Digital 2018 Live, Podcast Series by Neil Wilkins Each month, and in conjunction with live video broadcasts, I will be sharing a podcast focused on one of twelve key digital marketing, communications, strategy and social media subjects. It’s all about balancing strategy and planning with clear, focused […]

Live Events January to March 2018

I’m delighted to share the events I am hosting, presenting, teaching and speaking at, through the first quarter of 2018. If you would like to attend or watch any of these events, please get in touch with me directly and I will send you full details and where appropriate, details of how to book. 17 […]

Commitment is Everything

Hosting a digital day yesterday and talking through the customer journey as a core part of business development strategy, I found myself continuously using the word commitment. Commitment is everything. It all starts with you. If you are committed to creating a tangible, smart and scalable marketing strategy you will be energised and focused on […]

Branding is Both Head and Heart

Working closely with a global manufacturer over the last six months has clearly shown just how important it is to engage with the people who will be delivering the brand experience to customers. Most people think a brand is a logo and some marketing material, but those who have successfully launched brands will tell you […]

Digital Marketing and Social Media 2018

To coincide with the launch of my new book, I have reshaped and updated my digital marketing and social media talks, training and workshops for events through 2018. With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), documenting as a form of digital content, the continued trend of smartphone access and the resurgence of podcasts and […]