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I remember back when I first moved out from my parents’ home into an apartment that overlooked the sea.

I felt blessed and grateful for such a wonderful view until I realised that each and every day I would be seeing emphasised, the passage of time. As the tide moved in and out it demonstrated in an impactful way that time waits for no-one.

So imagine my glee when, many years later, I stumble across a watch brand called Slow that claims to help time to slow down!

“I never expected to be reviewing a watch, but a Slow watch review was only fair to a company who have reinvented how I think about measuring time”

Slow watches are really quite something. Swiss made precision with stylish and minimal design. The best bit though is that they have just one hand to demonstrate the passage of time through the day.

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As the hands pass once around the face of the watch so a single day has passed. No rapidly racing second hand, no minute hand that you can see ticking step by step. A Slow watch has one hand that takes an entire day to make it around the face back to where it started.

You may think that with such minimal movement it would be hard to tell the time accurately but this is where the magic begins because instead of visually seeing the time you begin to ‘feel’ the time, with just a little prompting by the approximate position of your Slow watch hand.

The sceptical amongst you will I am sure be questioning this claim but I can assure you that I, with my diminishing near-focus eyesight (I have reached that age), can see enough of the watch face without the help of my reading glasses to ‘feel’ the time. When checked against a clock or my iPhone I am invariable only a minute or few out.

So if you fancy wearing something very different on your wrist at the same time as relaxing into the effects of time rather than being driven by them, then a Slow watch could be for you.

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