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We have all experienced remarketing, the trick of a company sending us details and promotions of its products and services just after we had a quick look at them online but didn’t purchase.

“Remarketing lets you show ads to people who have visited your website orĀ used your mobile app. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.” Google

As you can imagine there are great examples and tragic examples and in my opinion it all comes down to tone of voice.

Let’s take as our first example, the ‘custom online business printing and design’ service. Moo is great. The endearing Moo tone of voice becomes apparent as soon as you begin to engage, with Little Moo, the automated yet friendly and personal operations bot, taking you through the process of purchase and beyond. Little Moo holds your virtual hand through and beyond with further engagement complimenting the excellent delivery service and surprisingly excellent packaging experience of your purchase.


My second recommendation is Present Finder the UK-based answer to those gift idea blockages we all experience throughout the year.

Present Finder is much more Amazon-esque in the way it approaches transactions but again the tone of voice, whilst more commercial and sales-focused in nature, still hits the mark. Discounts, offers and personalisation is key and this flows through to the email follow-ups you receive when you join. With 98% feefo customer satisfaction rating, I am clearly not the only person who thinks this is an excellent example of remarketing.


My third example is Abel & Cole, providers of fruit and veg boxes.

With this excellent remarketing example it’s all about the real people behind the box of produce that arrives at your door. You are instantly engaged with real food producers. Rather than a corporate ‘we’ it’s all about the ‘I’ as you can see from the home page image below where the journey on their homepage begins. You really feel you get to know who grew, picked, packed and delivered the food that reaches your kitchen.


Ultimately it’s about product sales and that is the essence of remarketing. But those who at the same time get others talking about their brand are the ones who establish, enjoy and maintain a clear and consistent tone of voice that resonates with their customers. It is these businesses who really benefit from the remarketing technique, and why? Because as the customer, you don’t realise they are doing it at all. And if you do? You don’t really care…

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