This last weekend’s launch of Satori Gallery has reminded me that there are always key ingredients in successful marketing campaigns and events. In this case the vital mix is fans, footfall and finance.

Let me explain.

Satori Gallery is a unique, commission-free gallery concept. An online gallery with pop-up exhibitions representing the true value that artists bring to the art industry without the need for huge gallery commissions that result in artists failing to make a living from their creativity.

Essential to this proposition is effective marketing communications to bring the right people into the pop-up exhibitions.

Fans: Not just everyone and anyone and not relying on friends, successful events push the boundaries with attracting new visitors to keep the brand growing. But vitally they must attract the true fans who are already loyal and advocates of the artists and their wares. Vanity marketing would say that thousands of people coming through the door is a good thing. True marketing would focus on quality as well as quantity and say that a clearer measure is the ratio of sales per visitor.

Footfall: There are some wonderful potential art gallery spaces available in all cities and towns across the UK. Those that work properly are where there is a steady footfall on the roads and pavements right outside the venue. We calculated that 60% of public attendees at the launch of Satori Gallery came from the advertising on busy thoroughfares right outside the venue. The importance of local footfall cannot be underestimated, not matter how good and engaging the social media activities.

Finance: It’s vital to attract those with an immediate propensity to spend. Simply having visitors is nice for brand building and awareness of especially new artists, but the real value comes from sales and for sales the customer needs to have money to spend. Identify very early that you are basing your event within the catchment of those with readily available disposable cash and make their journey, from arrival and parking, the journey through the exhibition, and the transaction process itself, seamless, enjoyable and efficient.

These seem to be the three key ingredients to a successful marketing event and those we’ll be continuously improving in future exhibitions.

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