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Working closely with a global manufacturer over the last six months has clearly shown just how important it is to engage with the people who will be delivering the brand experience to customers.

Most people think a brand is a logo and some marketing material, but those who have successfully launched brands will tell you that it’s even more about the people who need to live and breathe the brand every day. The sales staff, the marketers, customer service and beyond, the people in your organisation who are customer-facing are the most critical element in the delivery of successful brand experience.

To achieve this as a leader, you need to consider how you will win the hearts and minds of your people as the most important ingredient in your branding mix.

So think about your branding as both winning the heads (with marketing materials, website, social media, etc.) and winning the hearts (how your people will feel every day as they live and breathe your brand).


For help in creating an effective brand positioning for your people and your organisation publicly, please get in touch.

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