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Your business is PPC. But not the PPC you might be thinking… the one called Pay Per Click.

PPC, as in Pay Per Click, is an acronym for the process of running digital advertising where you pay for each click through from your ad to a website landing page or similar destination. But that’s not what your business is.

Your business is PPC : Purpose, People and Culture.

If you ask most people what their business is they’ll begin by describing what they do, their products and where they are based. They may tell you about the customers they are most proud of working with and how their marketplace is changing. These are all very important things in running a business but I would argue they are not actually your business.

Each of these elements, will change significantly over time and are operational considerations and activities that keep cash flowing and systems ticking. But they aren’t your business.

Your business is your higher purpose; the real reason why you wake up on a Monday morning and set to work to create products and services that satisfy your customers’ needs and make money from doing so. Your higher purpose is not just the making and selling of the products. It’s so much more than that. It is what value you are bringing to the world around you, the society, community and environment.

Your business is your people; your products and services change over time as you ebb and flow with the market and new innovations, some of which you may well create yourself. But your people, your very best people should be cherished, rewarded and valued. Think of the concept of voluntary retention. I really like those two words together.

Your business is your culture; in these times of frantic competitiveness and marketing noise, we can use a clearly communicated and relevant company culture as a valuable reason to be interested in us. If all stakeholders from customers to investors can buy into our amazing business culture they will be valuable and loyal life-long allies.

So the next time someone asks you about your business, try out the concept of PPC. Talk to them proudly about your higher purpose, your people and your culture. Watch the reaction, because I predict you will be pleasantly surprised?

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