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When you are intention setting your must first consider your language.

People around you, your universe and your mindset are all influenced by your language.

You will often hear parents telling their children “do not run”. However the child’s subconscious only hears the word ‘run’ because it focuses on the verb rather than the subtleties of intention.

In adulthood this pattern continues and you will often hear people talk in the negative. Ask someone how they are feeling and they may answer “not bad”. What does the subconscious hear? The word ‘bad’.

If you apply this simple rule to intention setting then it’s vital you consider your language carefully. Self-coach yourself to always be completely clear with what you want. Do not over complicate things… or should I say, keep it simple.

Think about using short, precise sentences and positive, present tense, to summarise what you are seeking. The universe, people around you, and of course your subconscious, all need to hear simple and evocative language, that lucidly intends the future you desire.

It is fun and simple to experiment with how you use language.

Clarity, language and intention setting are all elements of the upcoming Back to your Roots workshop in The Art of Transformative Living programme.

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