There are many benefits to focusing on process in marketing.

Most people think of marketing as the ‘colouring in department’. If marketing is underplaying its value then that may well be the case.

But if it is doing what marketing should be doing, creating great value for the business and stakeholders, then there are benefits aplenty.

We all know the basic, traditional marketing mix, which contains Product, Place, Price, Promotion. It is quite aged now and soon it’ll be replaced by a new mix that may take the form of Product, People, Process, Profit. This is much more aligned to the needs and wants of the emerging millennial and Gen Z marketplaces. This is because they are so much more focused on a brand’s highest purpose (the reason for its existence beyond the simple need to make profit).

So then, a significant proportion of attention in this new marketing mix must focus on the benefits of process in marketing.

What do we mean by process?

It’s every system, technology, repeatable action or behaviour in a business. And this is where things get really interesting.

A focus on process is all about the effective replication of the best things that you do. By that I mean everything that is efficient and profitable and that adds value to both the business and stakeholders.

What’s not to like!? By definition we can increase the profitability of our business without even needing to find new customers and sell more products and services to them. This remains important of course, but if we look at our own process mapping, then we can create more profit and marketing value from the inside.

When we have worked that to the limit perhaps there is also an opportunity to let Artificial Intelligence take away the low value STUFF you do, to enable space and time for your humans to be human and add the value that only they can and that a machine never could.

There are many benefits to focusing on process in marketing. Where will you start?

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