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Would you like to be interviewed? If you would like to be part of my Neil Wilkins Podcast as I begin a new series of interviews with people who have interesting business, ideas and topics to share, please contact me.

This is an open invitation to make the most of what for me, is my fastest growing marketing channel.

As I predicted late last year, podcasting is an increasingly popular means of communicating and engaging with your audience. I am seeing this play out really well personally and thought it would be a great idea to share this with you.

If you don’t have a podcast already that’s fine, perhaps we talk about that too. If you do then we can cross-share our interview or chat, for a win-win outcome. The big question is, would you like to be interviewed?

I am also talking about a Linkedin LIVE Marketing 2020 Q&A that I’m hosting next week. So send me your burning marketing questions in advance of turn up in the session which you can see in your Linkedin app or on your desktop. I’ll share details of the day and time, early next week.

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